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a very sweet-souled geek
They want theory? We'll give 'em theory!
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The 4400 - Marco (hold the phone)
Richard Kahan (Marco) has kindly agreed to answer your questions on the forums over at Richard-Kahan.com.

All you have to do is register at the forum and post your questions in the "Ask Richard" section. Whenever he has some time, he'll come over and answer as many of the questions as he can/wants to. So if you have a burning question to ask him, now is your chance!
4th-Oct-2007 06:52 pm - Richard at London Expo
The London Expo (October 20/21 2007) has updated their guest page and Richard Kahan is going to be there both days!


I'd already booked my ticket when I saw the other guests but SQUEE!
29th-Jun-2007 05:03 pm - Give me Marco prompts!
I'm in the mood to write small Marco fics - something 100-500 words, preferably character/friendship but if anyone wants anything shippy too (and I don't just mean Diana/Marco) then I'll oblige if you ask for that.

So, yes. Leave a prompt/scenario and what focus relationship-wise you want and I shall give it a go. :)
Not new fics but thought posting links here might be good. Just reminds me I need to write some Marco fics that aren't Diana focused...

Title: Keeping Faith
Author: Purpleyin

Rating: K+
Spoilers: Season 1 only.
Warning: Family character death
Summary: Everyone thought his great-grandma was crazy, and maybe she was, but he's hoping she was also right. Marco pov, Diana/Marco.


Title: Supernova
Author: Purpleyin

Rating: K+
Spoilers: All of Season 2 generally.
Summary: Nothing is ever over, nothing is ever simple. Not for any 4400, and not for Diana and Marco either. Oneshot with OC 4400 in there as well as mainly character/ship.

28th-Jun-2007 08:15 pm - Favourite Marco Moment?
Glee - Somebody To Love (Glee Live)
So I'm trying to kick this community into gear a little, and I thought to myself "What better than a discussion topic?" This might be a fairly basic one, but hopefully it will at get us talking a little bit!

So - what's your favourite Marco moment? Or moments! Go wild!
Appeal for the Diana + Marco month of love. We're looking a bit better now but it's one week away from July and the early days of the month are looking sparse. We need another 20 people to contribute to fill up the month, especially early on.

A Marco icon. A Diana drabble. A Maia and Diana mini vid. Tom and Diana partners banner - all good things we'd love to see. Don't forget friendships for the characters with other characters is fine too - family or friendship. Why not explore Diana's relationship with her father or her sister or even her mother or likewise show us Marco's (presumably loving) family!

There's so much choice of what to contribute, little or big, you choose what and how much and when.

Crossposted quite a few places, sorry for anyone seeing it more than once.
18th-Jun-2007 12:21 am - Diana + Marco Month of Love
RKb&w, RK
Just wanted to announce the Diana + Marco Month of Love for July. Open to fic, vid, art etc on Diana, Marco or Diana/Marco. Come over and sign up for a day - you only need to promise the minimum of an icon or a drabble! :D

Crossposted elsewhere earlier, but only just remembered there was this place too where there were bound to be some Marco fans hanging out. Come join in Marco love! :D
6th-Jun-2007 11:56 pm - Interview With Richard Kahan
baby weiner
Recently my online magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Richard Kahan who plays Marco. If you'd like to like to check out the hard copy of the interview please click this link below:


If you'd like to take a listen to his podcast please click this link:


Please do not take or post any clips and content from our interview. If you know of any places to post these links feel free to do so. Let us know what you think!
15th-May-2007 01:45 pm - Happy Birthday Richard!
The 4400 - Marco (hold the phone)
So, unless IMDB is lying to me (always possible!), today is Richard Kahan's birthday.

I'm collecting all the birthday wishes that I can, so leave a comment with your many happy returns, and I'll make sure they get passed on to him!
10th-May-2007 04:22 am - Welcome!
Glee - Somebody To Love (Glee Live)
Welcome to the Marco Pacella/Richard Kahan Livejournal community!

I hope you'll all enjoy posting and discussing Richard's role in the 4400, and in any other projects!

Recently, he's appeared in episodes of Masters of Horror, Supernatural, and most recently, Smallville. If you see Richard in anything, pipe up and let us know - IMDB isn't the most wonderful of resources to rely on!

Visit Richard-Kahan.com for more news and info, and you can add our newsfeed (richardkahan) to your Livejournal friendslist to keep right up to date on all the news direct from the site!
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